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How to Achieve Consistent Profits and Grow Your Money through the Stock Market

Teropong Bursa is a trading academy that helped its client to understand how to trade the stock in Bursa Malaysia by teaching them basic and intermediate level and help develop their own winning trading system to gain from the stock market. 

Here's What You Will Learn:

  • We help students to build a strong foundation of the stock market, They will learn the 3 essential skills: Picking the right stock, Trading Strategies, and Risk Management.

  • We help students increased their trading skills through training and repetition, and continuous learning.

  • Students will be engaged with blended (online + offline) learning and coaching session to build comprehensive trading skills and experience.

  • We have our own trading strategies for Short Term Intraday/Contra and Medium term (swing trade) that is using all the FREE tools available on the market

    And so much more...

What is Our Approach to Teaching Stock Trading?

  1. Small Group Personal Coaching - By limiting the number of students for each session, they can have MORE ATTENTION FROM THE TRAINER, quicker to warm up and less shy to ask questions. in each setting, maximum number is eight to ensure MAXIMUM INTERACTION.

  2. Actual charts from the market - We pride ourselves using REAL CHART IN EXAMPLES , in order to apply theory into practice. Real charts are harder to interpret and in return, teach a lot more than diagrams.

  3. Using free tools available on the market - We share how we can TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE FREE TOOLS AVAILABLE ON THE MARKET.  - mobile apps and web applications - without having to spend money and subscribe their services.

  4. Varied approach to find own trading style - Not every trader is the same. some are long term investors, some medium term and Short term traders. We try to learn each individual style and PROPOSE  TRADING STYLE BEST FOR THEM..

  5. Live trade session - No one can learn much in a short time. Live trade session are set up regularly for student to come watch real market conditions, and gain experience. Exposure to  live market dramatically increase students' understanding and expectations, which will LEADS TO MORE CONFIDENCE .

Here's How You Will Learn:

Our track record (1 day to 1 week period)

This is Suitable for

  • Full time employee interested to grow their savings.
  • As a backup-lifelong skills and build second stream of income  in case of retrenchment or lay off
  • Laid off employees with large compensation (should be able to start immediately to avoid losing starting capital)
  • Retirees with EPF savings who want to start generating  steady income from the stock market
  • Aspiring full time traders

What Our Clients Say

About the founder

Teropong Bursa is founded by Kamarul Nizam, fondly known as Kemm among his peers, an ex-mechanical Engineer to has passion for the markets. He graduated from UNITEN and proceed with 15 years of working experience that cover from automotive to oil and gas industry. He is seriously involved trading the market in 2015 while in still employment, and naturally left the engineering career in 2017 to pursue his passion, and founded Teropong Bursa, to share his knowledge on trading the stock market. He obtained certification of Technical Analysis (MSTA UK and CFTe IFTA US) in 2018 and has been practicing and sharing with the public about the opportunities trading the stock market. Currently, he is also a licensed remisier with Malacca Securities Sdn Bhd. 

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